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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Your Best Friend Who Goes To A Different School

Going to a different school as many of your friends you grew up with can be one of the hardest adjustments of college. The people who know you the best aren’t there to make your inside jokes, tell you if the boy on your floor is cute enough, or take joy rides at 1 in the morning on a Saturday night. Yet, it gets easier. You’re able to tell each other about your crazy adventures, FaceTime them with your new made friends at school, and the best thing of all: visit their college. Since freshman year, I have made the time to visit my friends from homes’ colleges on weekends. Since nobody knows who you are, you can basically have the time of your life without having those regrets in the morning. Here are the 5 reasons why you should visit your best friends’ colleges throughout your college years.

1. You get to know their college best friends.

When you meet their best friends they met in college, you start to become friends with them yourselves. You all get to see why you’re all similar people, follow each other on social media and beg your friends to bring them home during the summer so you can frolic around once again.

2. It is always a different scene.

Whether you are visiting a D1 college or a college that had as many students as your high school did, all of them are different. There social life, game day activities, downtown area and more are all going to be something that you’ve never experienced before. Explore, find new places and of course, get a t shirt to remember your time there!

3. Boys, boys, boys!

A whole new school means a whole new set of boys to lay your eyes on for a few days. Since you might not see them ever again, fall in love for the weekend. This allows you to test your cheesy pick-up lines and strengthen your flirting skills. And who knows, maybe you even would find Mr. Right?!

4. You can pretend like you’re a student and totally get away with it.

Whether it is a fraternity, dining hall or walking around campus, this is a fun thing to do to act like a regular. On the road trip there, pick a major, area you live at and relation to your friend that your visiting. Ask your friends the main details you would need to know and you are set. This is a fun way to start a conversation with people when you are out and about when they do not even have to know who you are!

5. You can always bring the Morgantown with you.

Since Morgantown is the best place on Earth, show your friend and her friends at school what it truly is like to be a Mountaineer. Blast country roads at a party, show them the true meaning of a game day tailgate and most importantly of all, don’t forget where you came from!



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