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Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
Photo by Francis Specker / CBS

2021 Grammys Looks: Matching Masks Are In

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

Amidst a global pandemic, the 2021 Grammys still gave people something to be excited about. Whether you look forward to the anticipation of seeing who wins what, seeing your favorite celebrity, hearing new music, or getting to see all of the looks from the night, the Grammys deliver on all fronts.

Besides getting to enjoy my personal favorite people and music, I love the fashion aspect of the Grammys. Every year there are good and bad looks and, although subjective to personal taste, fashion is always a way for people to express themselves. Some go above and beyond while others keep it simple, and despite the pandemic, this year did not disappoint.

In 2020, events like the Emmys were held virtually due to COVID-19, so it was a nice change to be able to have an in-person show. The Grammys did a great job of holding their award show and enforcing proper precautions so that it was a fun and safe event. 

The set up was different— fewer people than normal were there, and some even joined virtually. One thing that stood out to me this year, though, was the use of bringing masks into play for people’s Grammy looks.

Since we have been fighting COVID-19 for over a year now, more and more personalized masks have been created. Some prefer cloth while others prefer disposables, but the range of masks is incredibly wide. I never even considered the idea of people matching their mask to their outfits for these high-fashion events. 

So, let’s talk about a few of these incredible mask-matching-moments with beautiful designer pieces.

Harry Styles

I must admit that I have been a fan of Harry Styles for years now, so I cannot deny my bias! Regardless, I believe Harry’s multiple Grammy looks were genius. Styles’ outfits were unique and definitely sparked some conversation, especially with the three different boas he wore throughout the night. With the plaid jacket and purple boa in his second outfit, he wore a matching plaid mask. I think the mask matching for this outfit pulled it all together in such a unique way, too. Personally, my favorite look was the leather Gucci and green boa look that he wore while performing.

Meg Thee Stallion

Not only did Meg Thee Stallion get nominated for four Grammys and leave with three, she did that while looking fabulous in a bright orange Dolce & Gabbana gown. Meg’s gown had a gorgeous slit going down her thigh along with a large bow in the back to make the one-color gown stand out even more. She matched this outfit with silver jewelry and a mask that was the exact color and texture of the dress, and she pulled it off beautifully. Here is a photo from her Instagram (without the mask as she was on the red carpet) showcasing the stunning dress she wore.

Taylor Swift

I think out of everyone at the Grammys, Taylor Swift’s dress and mask matching was the best. Swift wore a sweet, floral Oscar de la Renta dress paired with a matching mask of the same design. Her floral-embroidered minidress was so incredibly stunning even without the mask, but the custom mask designed for her to wear with her dress made it that much better. Attached here is a recent Instagram post from Swift, showing off her mask that matched her dress.

These are just a few celebrities that mask matched this year at the Grammys, but others include Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas, Beyonce, Chika and more. For not being able to have the Grammys as normal, I think the fashion aspect still was executed beautifully.

Elizabeth is a junior from Wheeling, West Virginia at West Virginia University. She is majoring in multidisciplinary media studies with concentrations in journalism, marketing and strategic social media.
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