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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

Growing up in the 90s/00s was outrageously different than the way kids are growing up today. Cell phones took the place of Polly Pockets and Tamagotchis. As history repeats itself with chokers, high waisted jeans and crop tops, there are certain trends that have not resurrected. Some of these trends may be gone for a reason, and I am no fashion expert (not even close actually) but were gauchos really that bad? (yeah they were, they were that bad). My point is some of these might not ever come back, but they defined a generation and I can’t help but be nostalgic. Here are the 2000’s trends I miss the most.


Hoop earrings

The bigger the hoop the sassier the girl!



Ok, camouflage pants are so cool and I wish we could just bring them back so I can feel awesome again.


Juicy track suits

Style and comfort. Name something better than that! Catch me rocking my Juicy track suit at the supermarket in the AM and the club in the PM.



Bangs defined a generation. The straight across or the side swoop, bangs created a look even for the lazy bun days. Bring them back! Bring them back!


Board games

Ah, the lost art of board games. Tell me something more fun than a group of friends hanging out playing monopoly.


Bucket hats

Bucket hats were awesome. Perfect for bad hair days and super cute! If you are feeling a little dangerous, pair them with some stick on jelly earrings!


Watching DVDS

Move over Netflix, my limited edition of The Princess Bride needs to get through.


Avril Lavigne

The Queen of the 2000’s. Her music influenced a generation. (Okay maybe not but Complicated is a banger)



The era of instagram is based off of polaroids, yet have we forgotten to whom we owe our insta fame to? Polaroids are a risky take, and you can’t edit them (sorry ladies) but the memories are worth a lot more than a snapchat.


The movies

I am in my twenties and to this day my greatest accomplishment in life has to be that I NEVER missed the 8 o’clock Disney Channel Original Movie. Yes I did go as Zenon Girl of the 21st Century on Halloween for three years in a row, am I sorry? Absolutely not.

Hi ladies and gents, my name is Mel, Melanie if you're feelin' fancy. I'm a senior studying advertising, political science and fashion at West Virginia University. In addition to my studies, I am the Campus Correspondent for the WVU HC Chapter! You can hear me on the radio at U92 FM reporting the news and hosting morning shows. If I'm not there, I'm most likely at the local Panera eating my body weight in broccoli cheddar soup or writing about the daily, awkward encounters I experience. I represenative of the college of media as an ambassador and the prez of the magazine club. Oversized sweatshirts and jean on jean are my aesthetics. Lover, not a fighter unless you tell me Joe Jonas wasn't the best Jonas. Laters, baby.