The 10 Guys You'll Meet In College


College is a time for exploration. It’s a time for finding yourself and finding out what you’re into. It’s kind of like the experimental phase- a free for all.

Whether you’re a freshman or senior, you probably have run into one of these guys at some point of your life. This list is the ten guys you will date in college. Be on the look out.

1.   High School Sweetheart (who never works out)

You know the drill (or you may be living it). You come into college with your boyfriend from high school and he’s going to a college 300 miles away. You look through your photographs and relive prom, graduation, and senior week.  He meets a pretty girl and he likes her selfies. You stalk him and find this out because long distance has driven you insane. His ego grows as he enjoys the college life, but you can’t imagine being without him, so you don’t let go. You FaceTime every day and you cry at night because you miss him. One day, you realize how miserable you are and things end. But that’s okay. Just know, he will always comes back. The high school sweetheart will slide into your DMs one day when you’re hella successful- you just wait and see.

2.   The Frat Guy

Oh. Lord. This guy will enter into your life at least five times or more throughout your college experience. He is EVERYWHERE- wearing his Vineyard Vines visor and his chubbies. Ugh. He will hit you up at 1 a.m. saying, “DTF?” He is gorgeous but disloyal. Enough said.

3.   The Overachiever Who Doesn’t Have Time For You or Your Emotions

This guy seems like such a good idea! He is so involved, driven, and obviously gorgeous. He’s everything you could want. You’d be a power couple, right? But, you go out and he bails. He has a meeting. Then it’s five meetings. You wait around and finally when he is free, he expects you to drop whatever you’re doing to see him. This guy is basically a headache.

4.   The Cocky Athlete

This guy loves your attention. He loves his muscles. He loves ESPN. But the question is, does he love you? The cocky athlete is certainly quite the catch. He wears those cut off tank tops to show off the guns and rocks his Nike endorsed practice jumpsuit. The topic of conversation at dinner is his batting average or how many tackles he’s had this season. You support him through it all until you can’t talk sports any longer. His dreams of being in the NFL overpower your dreams of falling in love, I suppose.

5.   The Mysterious Hipster

You never know what is going through this guy’s mind or what the words he says even mean. But, it’s hot. He takes you to coffee shops and eccentric art museums. You try to understand his poetry, not to mention his vocabulary. It’s enticing. He seems so intelligent. But, he ends things with you because he doesn’t believe in monogamy or he feels too mainstream, or whatever.

6.   The Overly Sensitive Guy

You hold his hand and he thinks you’re getting married. He looks into your eyes like a puppy dog, so naïve and oblivious. Your plans don’t match up and he can’t see you on a Friday night. So, he cries because he loves you SO much and he can’t stand a night without you. Basically, it’s you when you’re PMSing but on steroids. Time to cut it off.

7.   The Musician

The long hair, the white t-shirt, the guitar. Ugh. Bae goals. He is hardcore on stage and a teddy bear backstage. This guy writes songs about you and serenades you with his acoustic guitar. Ladies love him. He has dreams of going on tour and performing up the east coast. He writes about your blue eyes and smile, but will write about how much you suck after your messy breakup.

8.   The One That Got Away

This guy can be any of the other types of guys. This guy was the love of your life. He treated you like a queen. Or he could be a simple crush that you never told how you felt. But, this guy sure is something. And another guy like him won’t come around for a while. Something happened down the road and things ended. But maybe one day, you’ll be back with this heartthrob. Until then, belt the Katy Perry song.

9.   The Player

Ugh. No. Just no.

You trust him. He manipulates you into thinking he is “the one.” He swoons over you, charms your heart, and makes you feel like you’re a million bucks. You go to Starbucks, and he gets you a white chocolate mocha because he takes notes. He knows you so well. Then one day, you wake up to a text saying, “Sorry, I can’t tonight.” You go out to Sports Page, and there he is with that girl from Biology. All you can say is, “I should’ve known.” She will be next.

10. The one that you fall in love with

After the turmoil of the last few relationships, YOU FIND THE ONE! He’s your person. He is meant for you and you finally feel like a champ. You can post as many Insta posts as you want and be that cheesy couple everyone envies, because you finally got through the bad to get to the good. I’m sure all of these guys in the past were incredible, but not meant for you. You finally found someone who makes you happy to be yourself and enhances your beautiful spirit.


Ladies, if you haven’t found him yet, DON’T FRET. You live and you learn. And once you find your person, you realize the ride was worth it. But until then, have fun and keep your heart guarded.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride.