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Why you should have a Friendsgiving this year

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and us college students couldn’t be more excited to have a week off of school. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because you get to surround yourself with people you love and EAT! What better way to celebrate what your grateful for than to have two thanksgivings; one with family and one with friends. That’s why I propose that everyone should have a Friendsgiving!

Some people consider their friends like family and if you aren’t able to go home for thanksgiving, you have an even better reason to have one with friends. Sharing food with others has proven to be beneficial for your mental health so having a friendsgiving is a perfect way to bond with your friends. You can start by assigning each of your friends a dish to make so when you come together on the big day you each have contributed something. You can shake it up by making non-traditional foods like spaghetti or breakfast. You don’t even need to have a large group of people, a few will do just fine. The next step is securing a location to make and eat dinner. You can even decorate the area for added festivity. Having an activity to do afterwards like watching a movie will turn your idea into a full event. The last step is informing everyone to dress cute (or in pajamas if that seems more appealing) so you can have a friendsgiving photoshoot.

This year, I plan on having a friendsgiving to reunite with my hometown friends I haven’t seen in a long time. I couldn’t be more excited to have an excuse to make memories. You can consider having your friendsgiving before you leave for break, making food in the dorm kitchens or apartment. Especially since Thanksgiving is before finals, making sure your break is fun and relaxing will help you prepare for the stressful weeks ahead. I encourage everyone to have a friendsgiving this year to create a new tradition with friends that will be fun and beneficial.

I am a freshman at Washington State University studying Journalism and Media Production! I love hiking, listening to old records, and traveling!I have experience with writing professional news articles, adobe premiere pro, and photoshop. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marissabelle_/
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