Revamp Your Closet on a Budget: The Benefits of Thrift Shopping

With the arrival of each autumn season comes an update to trending fashion ideals. Although many of these recognized looks are easy to achieve with a little effort, it can be difficult to achieve the look you want when on a restricted budget. This is where thrift stores become your best friend, and here is why.

Most thrift stores or consignment, shops carry clothing with popular brand names and style-essential items. I have found everything from American Eagle jeans to Gucci jackets at consignment shops, and in good condition or with original tags still attached! Although second-hand clothing restricts your color and design options as a potential buyer, the amount of money you save in the process gives you more for your dollar. If you can save the shipping cost associated with buying online, there is an opportunity to buy more, like another pair of shoes or the second blouse you couldn’t quite afford.

Another benefit of thrift shopping is the support it lends to the local community. Instead of throwing clothing away in a landfill, thrift stores and consignment shops offer people the chance to donate their unwanted or unworn clothing, saving both the environment and the budget of those who cannot afford new clothes on a regular basis. Consignment shops also offer the chance for those who donated clothes to get a little back in their pocket. A percentage of the sale price at consignment shops is awarded to the individual who donated the item, which over time can amount to a large sum if you donate items regularly. This means you can buy more clothes you love while working for a good cause!

Although the number of thrift stores and consignment shopes differ from location to location, there are some widespread chains that may have a location in your area. Two of the bigger name stores are Goodwill, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul. For those in the Palouse Area, Lily Bee’s in downtown Pullman, WA and Storm Cellar located in Moscow, ID are two consignment shops that have steal deals every day. The search for your next fashion statement starts now!