How Spotify Premium Saves Me Money

There are thousands of ways that the modern music coinsurer can tune in to their favorite beats. As a fan of music genres ranging from heavy metal guitar to Celtic serenades, I have tried my fair share of applications, CDs, and internet resources to find which method gave me the least hassle and highest satisfaction. My platform of choice is Spotify premium for several unarguable reasons.

1. Spotify Premium Allows Me to Choose My Songs

Imagine for a brief second hosting a party with a playlist you can’t control. That experience is comparable to each day I spent using Pandora and YouTube to get my music fix. Although I may have been able to find a specific song when my friends asked me to DJ, it was up to chance whether the next five songs that followed would be anything close to what I had originally chosen. It should be acknowledged that Pandora provides some great playlists for a choice artist, but it was hard to create a set of songs that I knew would always want to listen to. Because Spotify allows for the creation of customized playlists, I can now listen to a playlist freely without hovering over the skip button. Spotify also has pre-made playlists available AND sorted by category if laziness is the current mood.

2. There are Never Any Commercials to Interrupt my Musical Mantra

When I listen to music, there is usually a specific purpose. I may listen to music on the bus ride in the morning to block out noisy commuter chatter, but I also use this time to choose songs that encourage positive thoughts and get me motivated. The music I listen to affects my attitude, which is why ads sandwiched in between classical piano music while studying is simply obnoxious. Hearing about the same car six times in one hour is not what I hope to hear when I play my tunes. Spotify Premium helps me to stay focused, de-stress, and feel like I run the world while getting ready in the morning.

3. Spotify Premium is Less Each Month Than a Coffee, and Includes Hulu and Showtime

That’s right, folks. As a college student, Spotify saves me not only from stress but saves my wallet as well. With the student package, I pay $4.99 for this service each month and get access to popular TV shows and movies while saving some cash. Many of the shows I choose to watch on Hulu, like those aired on HGTV and TLC, would have otherwise cost $40.00 a month in cable service. Also available with the Spotify package are a variety of podcasts and audio books if you choose to explore them!