Did You Know that Coloring Books are an Amazing Stress Reliever?

Do you consider yourself an artist? Many who would never dream of claiming this title have decided to pick up colored pencils to give it a go with the help of an adult coloring page. Coloring is one of the basic art skills that many of us learn at a young age, but these intricate designs give us a way to do it with class, as well as de-stress along the way. Below are three reasons that trading in your pens and graphite for something more colorful can help you both inside the classroom and beyond.

1. Distraction

Like other artistic practices, coloring offers the tired college brain the opportunity for relaxation and distraction. The simplicity of this activity allows stressful thoughts and emotions to drift out the window and offers a clean slate for the next activity. Just like finishing a good series on Netflix, coloring pages offer a sense of accomplishment when you complete a page. You may even feel more accomplished knowing that the masterpiece in front of you is all your own and without the negative effects of screen overexposure.

2. Color Affects Your Mood

Colors bring life to the world around you, which is exactly why adult coloring books work your brain. Different colors are thought to represent feelings and emotions that we, as humans’, cycle through constantly. Blue hues, lilacs, and pale green relate closely to feelings of peace and stillness (desperately needed in the life of any college woman), while bangin’ reds and oranges can inspire a spicy attitude with confidence. Regardless of the mood you are feeling, coloring pages truly allow you to put your emotions down on paper and move on with a clear head.

3. Friendly Association

Much of our association to colors is based in cultural values and previous interaction with colors in our younger years. Working with a palate of color can stimulate memories associated with a specific hue. The opportunity to fill out a coloring page allows for a brief relapse into younger years where the stress of adult life was far away. If you find yourself missing mom’s strange-but-tasty cookies, coloring pages will provide you with the cookie template; all that you need to do is find the right color.

Regardless of your style, fan group, or artistic ability, there are thousands of free coloring designs available on a budget. Checking your local bookstore or going on Amazon is the perfect place to find bound coloring books (and to make a coloring book collection with all your favorites). If budgeting is high on your priority list or you would rather do a trial run of the adult coloring craze, check out these links for free coloring pages online!