WPUNJ: 5 Commuter Struggles

1. Bad weather

When Mother Nature is upset, the whole world suffers. Whether it’s snowing or raining your motivation to get dressed, drive to school ,and walk to your class goes from little to none.

2. Sleepy-time sadness

Don’t you wish a hour-long nap could be a mandated law? Sometimes you’re on campus all day, and it’s natural for your body to get tired. If only there was a nap room on campus! (Hint: there sometimes is! Check out the Commuter Club's Facebook page!) The library will do for now, though. If you’re a shy sleeper, build a fortress of books around your head. People will never know.

3. Bathroom emergencies

Let’s face it; we’re all human, right? So as humans there are certain things we have to do, like number two. Public restrooms aren’t ideal for privacy, but sometimes you just have to do the doo-doo.

4. Packing a suitcase backpack

Forgetting something at home is a mission in itself. We don’t have the luxury of going back to our rooms in the middle of the day, so forgetting to pack something can be a total bummer! If only we could borrow Neville Longbottom's remembrall.

5. Parking

It’s the ultimate test of patience. If you don’t have road rage, you might develop parking rage over the course of your college career. Apart from setting aside time to get to campus, you have to add at least 30 minutes to find parking.