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The Wine Guide

Whether it is a night in with your girlfriends or dining with your “boo-thang,” Wine is always the way to go.  Everyone has their favorite wines whether it is red, white, or pink. But little do people know, there are certain wines that go better with certain meals and snacks you make. So next time you have a wine night, plan it out right!


Always good with things that are fishy.  Schrimp, Salmon, Lobster, etc.  



Champagne isn’t only for celebrations. It is good with anything salty.  The faint touch of sweetness makes them extra refreshing with something served with a much saltier taste.


Cabernet Sauvignon:

It is always a great wine to have with red meats such as steak, lamb chops and beef.  The strong taste of the wine makes each bite refreshing and juicier.

Sauvignon Blanc:

It is always better with tangy and tartier foods.  The strong taste of the food mixed with the faint taste will not be overwhelming.

Dry Rose:

Meant for rich and cheesy dishes. So next time you make that lasagna, you know what to put in your glass.  It is always a good go to for pizza night!

Pinot Grigio:

Always good with light fish dishes.  A light wine with a light dish won’t be over powering to your taste buds and adds refreshment to your meal.


For your barbeque nights whether it is chicken or steak or whatever you are making that night.  The bold taste goes great with the spicy and strong sauces you eat with your meal.


Mainly eaten with fruity dishes during dessert.  The sweetness goes hand in hand.


For your spicy dishes, drink a wine with a spicy kick.


For creamy pasta dishes or chicken dishes.  Adds that rustic and rich taste to your dish.


Sure, any wine could go with any meal, but pairing your wines and foods always add a different flavor to your dish to make it more enjoyable. So next time you wine and dine, try to plan out what you will be drinking that night!



Alexis hails from Bergen County, New Jersey and is a junior at William Paterson University. To her friends she's known as Alexis or Lex. She studies Media Production and Graphic design and plans to study marketing or sports management. She also works for WPU Recreational Services as a Fitness Center attendant and videographer. Alexis is a sports junkie, especially for the New York Yankees. She also loves film, television, social media, and playing sports. Her dream one day is to work in the sports media industry whether it is behind the scenes or being the next Erin Andrews! Her favorite shows are Friends and Friday Night LIghts, her favorite movies are The Dark Knight trilogy and Back To The Future. She enjoys all music from Rap to Country. She can mostly be found either studying in Hobart Hall or working out in the Rec Center.
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