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Why October Through December Is The Best Time Of Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

Everyone always considers the period from October to December as the greatest months of year.  As much as we love summer and beaching it up, it always comes to an end.  But just because we have to put away our bikinis and the flip-flops, it doesn’t mean the fun is over!  Once September 1st rolls around it’s time to go back to school. Whether you dorm or commute you are reunited with your friends that you’ve spent every waking moment with for a majority of the year.  It still feels like summer with the beating sun and bright blue sky as you go to your classes with new and familiar faces.  It feels good to get back into the routine and our favorite time of year begins!





Before you know it, it’s October 1st and the campus is painted with the beautiful colors of autumn along with everybody’s Instagram feed.   The cool weather has you breaking out your cute cardigans and boots.  It’s also time to prep for Halloween so while you’re killing it in your classes during the week, your weekends are reserved for apple-picking and pumpkin carving. Then your weeknights are spent watching your favorite Halloween movies with your friends and a glass of wine! Who says it’s too early?



Come mid-October, and the aroma of those holiday shaped Pillsbury cookies fills your apartment, along with some fresh baked apple pie. It’s also time to start to putting together your Halloween costumes! Before you know it, the day is here.  You and your crew make your grand entrance at the first Halloween party in the costumes you worked so hard on!  It’s the weekend  you’ve been looking forward to!





You wake up and it’s November, but the fun is just beginning.  The homey feel of autumn kicks in as you lounge with your favorite pair of fuzzy socks, a blanket and a cup of passion tea.  A few days home to relax and take a break from classes are much needed.  The countdown begins to a day of good food, football, and family!



It’s Black Friday is next and its time to go shopping!  The air gets cooler and your new jackets that you got on sale are thick.  The dull colored leaved begin to fall from the trees.  We all know what that means: Winter is coming and so are Hanukah and Christmas! Your house smells of evergreens and your grandma’s famous cookies.  This month is dedicated to decorating your home, hot chocolate, gift wrapping and watching Elf about 100 times a week.





Christmas eve is finally here.   A night spent with tons of food and drinks while catching up with your family is what you’ve been waiting for since the last Christmas Eve!  Then the next morning we finally get to receive what we’ve been patiently waiting for.  Even as young adults the anticipation of unwrapping gifts with your family early in the morning gets you pumped. Then we get to repeat what we did the night before because you can never spend too much time with the people that matter most, your family.




There’s only one week left in the year so you have to take the time to figure out what you’re going to wear to that New Years Eve party you’re invited to! A classic black dress with some sparkly heels, maybe? Whatever it will be, you hope to end the year on a good note with the most important people in your life.  We all know as soon as the next midnight comes, so does your clean slate. Happy New Year!



But let’s move back to October.

Here we are at the beginning of the run of the best time of year!  No matter what Holiday you celebrate, the period from October to the end of December is our favorite time of year!  With back to back festivities and transitioning from one celebration to the other, we’re in the Holiday Spirit and we are ready to dive right into it.  And now that we are in the beginning of autumn, let the games begin! 



Alexis hails from Bergen County, New Jersey and is a junior at William Paterson University. To her friends she's known as Alexis or Lex. She studies Media Production and Graphic design and plans to study marketing or sports management. She also works for WPU Recreational Services as a Fitness Center attendant and videographer. Alexis is a sports junkie, especially for the New York Yankees. She also loves film, television, social media, and playing sports. Her dream one day is to work in the sports media industry whether it is behind the scenes or being the next Erin Andrews! Her favorite shows are Friends and Friday Night LIghts, her favorite movies are The Dark Knight trilogy and Back To The Future. She enjoys all music from Rap to Country. She can mostly be found either studying in Hobart Hall or working out in the Rec Center.
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