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What Not to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

Mother’s Day is the day when all mothers finally get a day off. They can relax, get dressed up, be pampered, and do just about anything they want. But what should you get your mother on such a special day? There’s the usual: flowers, perfume, or even a card. To make things easier, here’s a list of things you shouldn’t give your mom on her special day that say “thank you” in the simplest of ways.

1. Your Laundry

Instead of handing your mom a load of dirty clothes for her to wash on her day off, try offering to do laundry for her.


2. Your dinner order

Your mother shouldn’t even step foot near a stove or a microwave on Mother’s Day. Cook for her or take her out to eat. She deserves to be served for once. Don’t forget to do the dishes!


3. Your chores

Don’t leave all of the cleaning to Mom that day. Surprise her by vacuuming, mopping, dusting, etc. Let her come home to a spotless house for a change. 


4. Attitude

Forget the things you can do around the house — maybe just for one day Mom would enjoy some peace and quiet. So spare her the wise remarks, back talk, and attitude for her sake. 


5. An “I Owe You”

On this day, don’t ask for money or go out and shop on your own. Save up. Let this be the day that you finally treat mom to whatever she wants. Let her pick out her perfect gift and repay her for all of those years she spent money on you


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