What College Kids Think: During Spring Break!


Woohoo! First day of Spring Break! There are so many intersting things you want to do, but first the most important, sleeping in without an alarm!


 Now that you aren't sleep-deprived from midterms it's time to let loose and do whatever the hell you want. 


You don't know how you are alive after the day before and you have no idea what happened, but you put your mind at ease by saying, "IT'S SPRING BREAK LETS DO IT AGAIN!"


You decide you should do something responsible like check in with your parents. However, you quickly realize that was an awful decision because they stress you out with all of their questions about what you're doing with your life.


HUMP DAY! Oh no! You realize you're half way done with Spring Break already! Don't worry; you'll be in complete denial about it!



Then your professor emails you just to remind you about your presentation due after the break and you totally can't remember anything about the project!


You finally get home from your adventure and realize you have so much work to do, but instead cry because you realize how broke you are.


You don't leave your bed or do anything productive because it is your last day of freedom!


You get back to school and try catching up on all the work you put off and hope your professor won't notice.