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Ways to Get off of Your Phone and Do Your Homework

Everyone has trouble staying off of their phones and focusing on their homework.  From scrolling endlessly on TikTok, to binge-watching a new show on Netflix, it can be pretty hard to stay focused.  These are some tips that can hopefully help you get off of your phone long enough to focus on doing your homework. 

Turn on Do Not Disturb

Putting your phone on Do Not Disturb can keep you from being distracted. Not seeing a new notification pop up can help keep you focused on your homework.     

Move phone across the room

Try moving your phone across the room and out of your sight.  Not having your phone next to you and in your sight can help you resist the urge to go on it.  Even putting your phone in another room might help you focus better.      

Turn phone off completely

Turning your phone off completely might be the way to go if you really struggle with staying off of your phone.  Having your phone turned off completely does help and it will be easier to focus knowing that text messages and notifications won’t come through.    

I am a sophomore majoring in Sport Management and minoring in business. I love to play and watch sports!
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