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Top Five Spring Clothing Trends Inspired by Your Favorite Celebrities

Take advantage of this season’s new styles and trends that will have you ready to take on the spring! 

  1. Denim – Whether it be a denim jacket, denim shoes, or denim pants, denim is simply a must-have for your spring wardrobe. You can dress it down for a more casual look, or you can even manage to dress it up a bit for a more formal touch! Check out how Zendaya does it: 
  2. Polka Dots – Yes, you guessed it! Who doesn’t love an outfit with polka dots? They give outfits a fun feel and best of all, you can find polka dots on almost anything! Kendall Jenner found hers on a slim fit dress that she paired with white sneakers! How cute! 
  3. The Pink Blazer – You can never have too much pink in your closet. A pink blazer adds just the right amount of color and class to a simple, everyday outfit. Pair it up with a cute purse like Miranda Kerr and there you have it, a spring outfit! 
  4. Frayed Jeans – You have probably seen them all over Instagram because they’ve become such a hit over the past few months! People seem to be dodging the skinny jeans to pick up a pair of these bad boys! Frayed jeans give the impression of a chill yet stylish outfit and just like the ones previously listed, they can be styled however you would like! Selena Gomez chose to go for a more a relaxed look with hers and it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen!
  5. Rubber Boots – Yet another rising fashion statement that’s growing into immense popularity are the awesome rubber boots. These boots come in a variety of colors and they can be purchased almost everywhere! Bella Hadid styled her white pair of rubber boots with a white denim jacket! Get your hands on a pair of these and you’ll be dealing with spring showers in style! 

Create an endless amount of styles with these wardrobe must-haves! Even paired together they can make for an awesome outfit!

 Di Onne Agnew "chic, comfy, and stylish"  
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