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Figuring out how to study effectively is something that takes a long time to master. Personally, I think I have found a few things that have worked for me that made my studying easier. Obviously, studying is a personal preference, but I think these tips will help people universally.

One thing I seem to be doing that works is scheduling my assignments on a calendar when I receive them. What I mean by this is you need either a planner, either in your phone or a physical one, to write your assignments in the square of the date that you will work on it. Then you need to pre-plan when you want to start working on that assignment that day (obviously is subject to change if something major comes up). I found this helps me actually sit down and do the work more efficiently than it would if I didn’t do this. Setting reminders on your phone when it gets close to your studying time frame also helps to get you into the mind space of it before you sit down and start. It allows you to stop what you are doing and get ready to sit down for a session.

Eating before you study is a must. If you don’t eat beforehand all you will be thinking about is how hungry you are. So if you want to actually be focused and stay focused definitely try to eat at least a snack before hitting the books.

Finding an environment that works for you is another major thing that effects how well your study session goes. Whether you like being in a quiet space or outside or in your room alone, make sure you are there when you want to study.

If you follow these tips, I guarantee studying will at least become less of a hassle for you and information will hopefully be retained more effectively.

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