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Those Dreaded UTIs

Taking care of yourself when you get UTI (urinary track infection) is so important. They are extremely painful and can led to other health problems if you don’t take car of them. Here are some stages so of you will sympathize with or those who haven’t had one will need to notice. First when you go to the bathroom it will burn to pee and your urine may excrete an odor different than normal. You might be a little confused but when that burning feeling doesn’t go away, that usually means you have a UTI.

This is when you have to take action. Definitely make sure nothing is irritating the pain. This is basically the perfect excuse not to wear pants. If it’s your first time getting one you will try EVERYTHING to get rid of it. And to your surprise NOTHING WORKS. This is when you should take some cranberry pills, drink cranberry juice or I just found some delicious cranberry gummies. After that, go to your doctor! Get some medicine to feel better.

Then you will feel like a brand new person!

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