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The Art of Self-Dating and Why You Need It.

Do you, respectfully! When’s the last time you showed yourself some love and appreciation? You’ve come a long way and it shouldn’t go unnoticed. It’s time to start dating yourself because if nobody’s got you, YOU got you! 

Well, what is self-dating? Self-dating is a form of self-care. It means you’re doing, loving, and enjoying you; solo! Dating yourself isn’t something you do in-between relationships, it’s a lifestyle to maintain whether you’re single or not. It’s a lifelong relationship that can make or break your experiences in life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m here for loving yourself and getting in tune with your solitude after a breakup, but don’t forget yourself when you get into another relationship. Enjoy being by yourself, you don’t need someone to be there for that.    

Dating yourself not only helps you get comfortable with being alone, but it also allows you to get to know yourself better. It aids in your personal growth and the relationships with the people in your life. I personally just started my self-dating journey five months ago and the relationships with myself, my friends, and my family have drastically changed for the better. Through self-dating, I found a new appreciation for being alone because if you think about it, you’re surrounded by people and obligations all day, every day.

I know the idea of dating yourself sounds terrifying. It might even feel uncomfortable for the first few tries but trust me the benefits are endless! 

  1. Dating yourself teaches you to find the beauty in solitude  
  1. It gives you a better understanding of what you want and your standards 
  1. Self-dating teaches you patience 
  1. Dating yourself strengthens your independence 
  1. It boosts your confidence 

The list continues, but you get it!  

The best way to start is by doing it! Taking the initiative to do something you usually have company for and doing it by yourself is a great first step (like going to the grocery store). Like I mentioned before, it can be nerve-wracking at first, but I promise it’s not that bad!  

Don’t know where to start? I got you! Here are some of my personal favorite things to do. 

  1. Go Shopping  
  • The ultimate stress reliever! It’s nothing like adding some new pieces to your closet. You’re on your own time and won’t have any outside sources judging you on what you want to buy.
  1. Cook Yourself a 5-Star Meal 
  • I don’t know about you, but I love to channel my inner chef from time to time. Salt Bae who? Try to recreate your favorite dinner.  
  1. Go to Your Favorite Restaurant 
  • If option #2 isn’t for you; get dressed and take yourself to your favorite restaurant and order whatever your little heart desires! 
  1. Binge Watch a Netflix Series 
  • If you haven’t binged watched a Netflix show before, you need to! Netflix has so many great shows. I definitely recommend Squid Games! 
  1. Go to a Museum  
  • It’s something about the silence, fresh air, and the beauty of the art that brings me inner peace. Whether you’re the type to try to find the meaning of a painting or you just like to see beautiful art, try this! 

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. Show some appreciation and love to yourself! There’s nothing lame about moving solo!  

Hi! I am a senior majoring in Public relations. I love all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. I'm a girl for the aesthetics and good vibes. I enjoy and appreciate all experiences. Can you tell I'm a Libra? I love everything about self-improvement. I'm a girl's girl, I live girl code and self-love <3
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