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Taking care of yourself when you’re sick

Getting sick is inevitable and with the changing of the seasons, it is more likely. Making sure that you take good care of yourself will help you heal a lot faster.

Take it easy

When you’re sick, the best thing is to get a lot of rest, so call out of class or work and take the much-needed break. Your immune system is working really hard to flush out any bacteria that is causing you to feel bad so by taking it easy, you’re able to help your immune system to fight back and you’ll end up getting better a lot quicker. Sleeping is important in helping you feel better, so make sure you get a lot of it.


Make sure that you’re staying hydrated! This helps the body flush out any of the bad stuff while maintaining the good. Drinking lots of water and warm liquids like tea are also great.

Drink tea

Herbal teas are great for when you’re sick, and adding a generous amount of honey will also help relieve the pain that comes with a sore throat.

Take some vitamins

Vitamins are a great option for speeding up the recovery process and vitamins such as Zinc, Vitamin C, and echinacea are great options to aid in a quick recovery.

Stay away

If you’re not feeling well, it is best to call out of class or work to avoid spreading it to others, so be considerate and stay away!

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