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Swimsuit Season: The Best Bathing Suit for Your Bod

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

Summer is fast approaching, collegiettes! As if we aren’t stressed out enough with homework, projects, and finals, we’ve also got to find the time to work out to fit into that sexy bikini!

It’s tough for most of us to find the perfect swimsuit, especially when all the good ones are gone. Don’t wait till is already summer to buy a swimsuit; by then it’ll be too late and you‘ll end up struggling even more. Right now is the perfect time to go swimsuit shopping. Most swimsuit lines were already out in February with so many styles to match your personality and hug every curve.

Here are a few fun swim suits styles to fit your body type. These are the catagories of body types: Curvy, Top-Heavy, Bottom-Heavy, Petite, Small-Busted, and Plus Size.



If you’re a curvy body type, stay away from big designs and go for tiny prints instead. They’ll give you a slimmer look.

High-wasied and retro-looking swimsuits will play with your curves.



To keep the girls in place, get an underwire top with thick straps that provide extra support! TIP: If your bottom has a design and your top is a sloid color, it can attract the eye away from your bust.



This tip is the same as the one above but reversed! if you have a nice design attrecting the eye up top, your bottom will appear smaller.



Ruffles and string bikinis are your best friends! Ruffles enhance curves, and string bikinis cover less skin, so you show off more body.



Like a girl who’s petite, you should also get ruffles for your top half. The ruffles will enhance your bust and give the illusion that your bust is bigger. 


Plus Size

Swimsuits that cover the midsection are often best for this body type. They make you look slimmer and give you more of an hourglass shape.

But onesies are not the only type you can wear as a plus size…


Well, there you have it, collegiettes. I hope your hunt for that perfect bathing suit will be much easier and more fun now that you know what to look for!




 Madonna Tapasco is a Broadcast Journalism Major with a passion for beauty, street fashion, and a health and fitness enthusiast. She is an animal lover who has two dogs of her own named Tyson and Jack. She dreams to one day tell the news on television, have her own talk show and be an inspiration to woman who struggle with their weight.
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