Styling Tips 101: Impress to Dress for an Interview

We all know how stressful it can be when deciding what to wear for an interview. What does business casual mean? Business professional? All so confusing! One thing is for sure, you want to make an impression while still looking the part. Collegiettes, suits never go out of style. Tthere’s an option. Moreso a dress girl? There are plenty of professional dresses to wear as well. You want your personality to shine through, as well as that confidence that you’re going to nail it. Here are a few ideas on what to wear for your next interview–turn some heads!


  1. Suit Statement Outfit

A suit on a women is fierce. You not only look extremely professional, but it just exudes a sense of independence and confidence, and the interviewer will see that come across right off the bat. Instead of opting for just black or navy, gear it towards your personality! What’s your favorite color? Try finding a crisp blouse or long sleeve in a color that isn’t neon (please no) and rock it! Maybe even go a step further and opt for a colored suit! Nothing crazy but a muted color could be fantastic with some heeled boots.


2. Accessories galore!



Looking to stay within a muted color range for your interview? Black and white works, a navy combo too! But, a beautiful, simple necklace, watch and/or earrings can go a long way. Don’t get crazy with your pick. Some pretty pearl earrings, maybe a leather banded watch and small silver necklace can really make an impression. Don’t forget your handbag! That can be the pop of color you want!


3. Closed-toed shoes please!



Closed-toed shoes for any job interview are a must. Many times employers/companies don’t allow open toed shoes, or it looks unprofessional. Stick with closed toed boots or maybe some chunky heels! Remember, simplicity is key. A lovely nude works with almost anything, or you can even make your shoes the pop of color added to your outfit!