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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

Hey, collegiettes! Did you miss this weekend’s 2nd Annual Spring Jam Concert? Or do you simply want to relive the night? Well, HCWPUNJ is here to give you a full recap of the concert! 

This year’s featured artist was Ms. Jhené Aiko, whose single “The Worst” has dominated the R&B world. Fresh off the Coachella stage, she came to WPUNJ to perform some of the songs off her album Sail Out

Before the show, Jhené posted a picture on instagram of campus that had a double rainbow over Lot 6! It was a gorgeous capture of our campus. 

According to Campus Activities over 800 tickets were sold for the event, and WPUNJ showed up that night to have a good time! (What better way to relieve stress during finals time?) As the doors opened and the crowd filled the room, we were welcomed by DJ Wallah of Hot 97 spinning a set filled with some rocking tunes. He got the crowd jamming and pumped up to party. 

After an hour of partying, we were treated to the vocal stylings of our special guest performer, New Jersey native, Lauriana Mae. Along with her band, the Pains, she brought some soul to the stage. Lauriana has released music with Ceelo Green, Rock Mafia, and B.O.B. She had one more song for us, but unfortunately time ran over.

The next band then begin to set up, and the crowd grew anxious. Chants for Jhené were heard throughout the crowd. Then we heard the beginning notes to “Bed Peace,” and the crowd went wild! Jhené graced the stage in a floral cami and beige sheer floor length skirt. Her soft vocals serenaded us as we sang along to every word. She even covered Tupac’s “Keep Your Head Up!” The highlight of the evening was when rapper Big Sean made his surprise appearance to perform “Beware” with Jhené. The entire crowd was in an uproar when he came onstage! At the end of the song, they adorably hugged it out. 

Jhené finished her set with “The Worst,” and there wasn’t a person in the crowd who wasn’t jamming. But the night was not over. DJ Camilo (also from Hot 97) ended the night with a series of songs that kept the party going.

Jhené stopped for an instagram moment (like we all do!) 

HCWPUNJ wants to thank SAPB and the Spring Jam Comittee for organizing such a fun event. We can’t wait until next year’s Spring Jam! We’d also like to give a big thank you shoutout to Jhené Aiko, Big Sean, Lauriana Mae and the Pains, DJ Wallah, and DJ Camilo for visiting WPUNJ and putting on an awesome show! 

Who should be next year’s artist? Let us know in the comments!


Photos courtesy of Jhené Aiko’s instagram, WPU Campus Activities’s Facebook & instagram

Priscilla Cordero is a collegiette from WPUNJ. She is an Anthropology major with a double minor in Music Studies and Media Studies. She is a writer and holds the managing for HCWPUNJ. Her passions include culture, diversity, social justice awareness, feminism, positivity, creativity, and music. She is a member of the Honors College on her campus. In March 2014 Priscilla was awarded HCWPUNJ's Best Polls, Best Celebrities, and Most Spirited. A Jersey girl at heart, but she has New York City dreams. She loves to attend concerts, sing, read fashion magazines, travel, and blog (tumblr included)! 
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