Spring Fashion Lookbook: Spring 2018

Spring has sprung!!!!! Although there's still snow on the ground in some places (we're hoping it'll be the last we see) the time for cute spring fashion is right around the corner. Here are some spring fashion looks to get you inspired!


Trench coats are a spring must have! Pair them with just about every outfit and you'll look amazing. They aren't too warm but they'll still keep the spring chill away so they're essential! Get a low priced one from Forever 21 here.

Denim jackets are another spring staple that you can bring into your summer wardrobe! They're so versatile and very light for those Indian summers. Get one for yourself from H&M here.


Of course a floral dress has to be included in any spring lookbook! It's paired in the picture above with a denim jacket like the one mentioned before. You can get a really nice one from American Eagle here. If you want a fancier one for all your spring brunch outings you can get one from Modcloth here.


Ballet flats are so versatile and can be worn with basically any outfit ever and are perfect for spring looks. You can get a pair pretty much anywhere and in any color but here's a black pair from H&M.