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Spring Break Stay-cation ideas!

Hello spring breakers! I hope you are soaking up the sun rays on the beaches of Miami or at Mexico somewhere. Can we just have a vacation twice a year? Preferably every six months! If only, right? Well if you are out somewhere exotic, we are totally jealous! But some of us may be just having a stay-cation with our families back home. Don’t you worry, collegiettes; there are tons of things you can do in this one week off college that will make your spring break fun and relaxing but also cheap!. Here are some ideas:

1. Hit up the city! With our busy school schedules and the fact that a trip to NYC on the bus is about $12 (ouch) now is the perfect time to take on the city and check out the night life or some cool restaurants. You may even bump in to an event you never knew was happening. The city is full of surprises.

2. Take up some more hours at work. That paycheck after spring break will look amazing.

3. Get ahead of the game (by this we mean study)! This may not be the most relaxing of all ideas, but I promise you will be better prepared while those sitting under the hot sun may be sitting in hot water when it comes to exams after spring break.

4. This is the perfect time to have a “ME” day! Go get your a mani, pedi, and your hair done.  Noting is more relaxing than getting pampered.

5. Even if you don’t want to do ANYTHING you can always sit back and binge on Netflix all day while eating ice cream, and no one can stop you. Just dont forget there is a time you should  stop and move around again (every half-hour, to be specific).

6. Go for a long walk or run. They say this week is supposed to be warmer out. Take advantage of the nicer weather.

7. Check out your town’s local website. There may be an event happening right in your home town; plus you can probably voluntter for it. It is never too late to spice up your resume!

8. Go on a mini-roadtrip with a few friends. You don’t have to go far and you can all split the hotel room, making it a cheaper fun vacation. Our suggestion: Atlantic City or  the Poconos.


There you have it, collegiettes; if you didn’t know, now you do! Don’t let this whole week off college go by without some fun and relaxation! Cn your spring break stay-cation. you may not be on a beach in Mexico but you’ll be ahead of the game.

 Madonna Tapasco is a Broadcast Journalism Major with a passion for beauty, street fashion, and a health and fitness enthusiast. She is an animal lover who has two dogs of her own named Tyson and Jack. She dreams to one day tell the news on television, have her own talk show and be an inspiration to woman who struggle with their weight.
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