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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

Unable to go out of state or the country for spring break? Did the pandemic ruined your plans? There are always different activities you can do at home or with friends/family during your spring break! Do not stress or bore yourself with chores, homework, or other responsibilities as you need a break from all of that.  

If you feel productive at home but do not have the energy to leave the house, you can keep yourself busy! A few hobbies/activities I like to do at home are catching up on a Netflix shows and painting. Recently I have been taking on the hobby of crocheting! I barely have time nowadays to do any of these hobbies with school and life interfering with it. I have been watching the shows Adventure Time and Modern Family and I highly recommend both!

Spring break definitely gave me time for myself and to relax. I am also slowly learning how to cook more (hence my breakfast recipe article you should check out if you have not already) and I am always open to learning new things. A nice bath or nap sounds good right now too.  

There are different activities you can do outside your home to keep you busy during spring break instead of staying at home. Some that I recommend doing are going to the movies, taking a walk/playing sports at a park, or trying new restaurants outside your hometown. New Jersey weather has recently been weird and unusual as always, so keep an eye out on the weather forecast if you plan to go outside! For my break, I spent time with some friends watching the new The Batman movie and went rock climbing with my best friend (btw, only recommend if you have arm strength which I barely have). With the weather heating up, I am planning to go roller skating more out on the street! 

Some universities and colleges have long spring breaks while others keep it short. The days will pass by quickly, and before you know it, school and work come around the corner again. Take time for yourself and spend time on self-love or with your loved ones and keep your head up high as summer is just around the corner!! 

hii! My name is Camila and I love to play sports, watch Disney and Marvel Movies, and listen to music! Dogs and dolphins are my favorite animals.