The People You'll Meet During Homecoming Week

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Homecoming, the time when all students come together and make the most out of their college experience. What's not to love about homecoming weekend? Getting ready to party, showing off school spirit at the football game, finding fun events to go to during the week, and so much more! Not only will you have a great time with your friends, but you'll meet some new faces throughout the week.


You’ll come across the cheerleaders who absolutely can’t wait to cheer at the football game, show off their school spirit and want you to join in on the fun!

Football Player

Obviously, the players are excited, but they are focused on winning the game that almost the entire school will be watching. Behind their focused faces, they’re just as ready as anyone else to have a great weekend.


You’ll run into a few alumni that wish they were still in college, are visiting friends, or never left after graduation. They’ll be soaking in the life they once lived while trying to keep up with those that are currently living that life.

Students that hate school spirit

The students that look miserable are probably the ones that don't want to be bothered with anything. These are the students that could care less about homecoming events and want nothing to do with them. 


Frat Star

Frat stars, the ones that are more than likely throwing the tailgates and parties, are the ones showing off their school spirit in crazy ways. They’ll most likely be the ones covered head to toe in body paint, leading the student section at the football game.

Sorority Big and Little's

Big and little's will be roaming campus, wearing their letters, taking pictures, and sharing gifts with one another.

Professors who don’t care

Occasionally you’ll come across the professor that refuses to cancel class no matter how many times you mention all the events going on, they just don’t care.

Professors who care too much

And then you’ll have the professors that turn homecoming events into a grade, asking you to write a paper or find the meaning behind the school's history. BORING!!!


And finally, you’ll randomly see a few parents roaming campus, who just couldn't stay away from their children any longer.

And there you have it, homecoming in a nutshell. Attend all the events, meet some new faces, and most importantly, have fun!