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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

    Love Languages are how people express their love and respond best to love. Many people know what Love Language they respond to best, but not many know how to detect other people’s own love languages without asking. Here are some hints that help pinpoint someone’s love language.

Physical Touch

    If they respond well to physical touch, this would be one of their love languages. They may offer hugs, cuddles, or even high fives. Small touches like that are their own way of showing they care. Show them that you care back by initiating some physical touch as well, if that is your love language.

Quality Time

    This tends to be overlooked when approached broadly, so look at the finer details. If they rush to you or if they remain patient as you are running late, that means that they deeply care about spending time with you. They will make time for you out of their own schedules and compromise if something conflicts with yours. 

Words of Affirmation

    Frequent compliments or words of encouragement can make you feel good, but also make them feel good saying it. “cool hat” or “you’re talented” count towards this. They may be brief comments, so listen out carefully for them and the frequency of them. Accept the compliments and give them some compliments and support in return!


     Buying you coffee, snacks, small knick knacks, or taking care of the bill are all forms of gifts. They will buy things that make you happy or things that remind them of you. It’s not always expensive or lavish presents. It’s the little things that count. Treat them to a coffee, meal, or souvenir next time!

Acts of Service

    Volunteering for small or big tasks is a sign of their affection. Lifting boxes, doing dishes, and offering their help towards literally anything is helpful to you and makes them feel relied upon. It may seem impolite, but let them help with those tasks. Offer to help out with their own tasks as thanks!

    Many people that express a particular love language are what they respond to best themselves. Make their day by speaking their language too!

I am a junior at WPU that has experienced two college transfers and many life events. My major is English Education and Secondary Education while writing and gaming are side hobbies. I like to write things that interest me personally and can bring a good message to readers, especially young women.
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