A Little Egg-spiration

Easter is just around the corner and every year I see the craziest type of eggs! Instead of people just dipping their eggs in color, everyone’s getting more and more creative as the years go! Some are hand painted while some are wearing mini costumes made just for the little egg (awwww, I know right?) here are some of my favorites;

Now this, this is talent. I didn't even think Easter egg rules included the addition of props! wait...do Easter eggs have rules?

​​Whoever did this needs to teach me, my little nephew and all my nerdy friends would be ECSTATIC.

When looking for cool Easter egg ideas this year, YouTube had a lot of tutorials for eggs like these. I agree, they're absolutely gorgeous but YouTube, do you really think I can do this? honestly I am honored but mine would look like a mess compared to this beauty. 

I can't even properly tie dye a shirt. How is it that these people manage to do it with eggs?!

Now, the next two are my personal top favorite. Yes, they're harry potter! how did you know? You know me so well.

C'mon now; they're adorable. Just look at Dumbledore and his beard. PURE fabulousness. 

Hope you enjoyed these!