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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

    Gone are the days of written letters, pen-pals, folded up notes to be passed around in the classroom, and even Facebook messages. While the art of sliding in that certain someone’s direct messages does still exist to some extent. Whether you’re sliding through with a full-blown message, or the heart eyes reaction to their recent story post, let’s talk about dating apps. 


    They definitely have topped the applications’ store lists at one point or another. Let us talk about how many times you have created a profile on one of these apps. Skimmed through some of the candidates seeking your eventual betrothal, deleted that specific application, and went on to another. Finding yourself involved in yet another quote on quote “talking stage”, got ghosted or did the ghosting, and cycle repeat. 


    Catching my drift (or is it solely me who has been to this well one too many times)? Ladies, the gentlemen who have been a part of my trial-and-error experimentation, and our non-binary folks. Tell me! Tell me if apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Ok Cupid, Plenty of Fish, BLK, even an app called Coffee Meet Bagel have been on your device before. Sounds pretty appealing to me for the most part, coffee does typically meet bagels, so surely, I, a person should meet you, another person. One plus one equals two and it is just that simple….no, it is not. 


    As I mentioned you have likely been on at least one of these apps before and you have also likely found yourself involved in a “talking stage”, and are still single, not even knowing if you still want to mingle. 


    Honey, it is completely normal! You’re not alone at all; they say self-love is the best love. I don’t know if you have heard of her but a UK artist by the name of Rina Sawayama, one of her songs “Love Me 4 Me.”  She said, “babes I’ve been telling you if you can’t love yourself… How are you gonna love somebody else?”


     Truthfully spoken, I do believe that a lot of us go seeking someone else’s love or thinking we are capable of giving them love without wholeheartedly loving themselves first. Go, go buy yourself that dozen of roses, go book an individual spa-day, chocolates are absolutely meant for one. Also, don’t forget that stylish outfit to look good for you, yourself, and you – okay, boo!

 Di Onne Agnew "chic, comfy, and stylish"