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Kyreeh Crone ‘18

Kyreeh Crone ‘18

Name: Kyreeh Crone

Year: Junior

Hometown: North Brunswick, NJ

Major: Sports Management

Minor: Business Admin.

Activities/clubs: Gym

Sign: Sagittarius

Relationship status: Single

Fun Facts

Favorite Quote: It’s not the life you live; it’s the courage you bring to it.

Dream vacation: Aruba

Dream job: Model/ Sports Agent

Pet peeve: Liars 

Celeb crush: Gabrielle Union


Love Life

First thing you notice about a girl: Appearance

Your most attractive quality: The way I carry myself

First kiss: 3rd grade

Turn-on: Confident female

Turn-off: Speaking with improper etiquette

Perfect date: Jet skiing on the Hudson

Best pick-up line: Excuse me miss, I saw you from across the room and wanted to let you know that are very pretty. Can I take you out sometime?



Song: “Work Out” by J. Cole

Movie: You Got Served

TV Show: Power

Book: Stephen King’s Books

Sport: Lacrosse

Team: NY Jets

Food: Macaroni Pizza

Dessert: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream


Just For Fun

Celebrity Look-a-like: Trey Songz

Choose a super-power: Mind Control

Best class you’ve taken at WPUNJ: Intro to Kinesiology

Choose three people to have dinner with – one living, one dead, and one fictional: Will Smith, Malcolm X, Jessica Rabbit 

Writing is my safe haven. I find such a peace in getting all of my jumbled thoughts out of my head and onto the paper (or screen) in front of me. I attend William Paterson University, and I am double majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Public Relations and minoring in Legal Studies. I crave the opportunity to experience the world through my own explorations. I work, am a full-time student, write for TapInto.net and am involved in the Student Public Relations Association on my campus. Other than that, you can find me eating or laughing.
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