Kristen Pettet: From WPUNJ Alumna to Mary Kay Success

Name: Kristen Pettet 

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Hometown: Wanaque,  NJ

HC: When did you attend WPUNJ? What was your plan or course of study?
KP: I attended William Paterson from 2008-2012, and I majored in  Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Political Science and a Literary/Performing Arts Honors Track.
HC: What are your best memories as an undergraduate student at WPUNJ?
KP: There were so many unique opportunities, such as speaking at our scholarship brunch and premiering two of the documentaries I created on human rights issues, but the memory that stands out the most is flying to Omaha with a select group to meet Warren Buffett! I had a great personal conversation with him. He even gave me his glasses to wear when we snapped a funny photo! Priceless!
HC: How did you know Broadcast Journalism was the right fit for you? 
KP: As a child actress, I was blessed to have had amazing experiences in movies, theater, and television. In college, I wanted to pursue something not far from my roots but different enough to expand my horizons. I developed a passion for writing and documentary filmmaking because the media can be such a powerful tool in creating positive change. The skills I learned in my major and the mentors that inspired me are invaluable to my future aspirations! 
HC: Tell us about your experience and achievements in theatre throughout your college years.
 KP: A few years ago, my older sister (the professional actress whose footsteps I followed) and I decided to create our own sister act variety show. All during my college years, we traveled throughout the U.S., performing in theaters, for corporate events and other functions, and appearing on television and radio programs.  ("Like" The Pettets on Facebook!)
HC: How did you get involved with Mary Kay?
KP: My mom, who is now a free car driver and Sales Director with the company, was looking for something more flexible than her Speech Pathology background because she wanted to be able to travel with us. I signed up as a consultant to get my skincare and makeup 50 percent off! I quickly realized how awesome the products were and started making an extra $500 a month selling "on the go" to my college friends. Right before graduation, I attended a Mary Kay event and caught the vision of enriching women's lives! Our organization is based on God first, family second, career third, and these are priorities I value as well. There are not only more millionaire women in Mary Kay than any other company, but these women use their resources to do incredible things like fund orphanages! I saw this could be my platform to do likewise! (Go here for more information on Mary Kay.)
HC: What do you love about your job(s)?
KP: EVERYTHING! Owning my own entertainment and cosmetic businesses has amazing benefits! I love bringing joy and hope through my music and meeting people with incredible stories! In regard to Mary Kay, I get go to "work" and show up at a party--a positive one! Not only do I have the ability to earn free cars and first class trips, write my own paycheck (no glass ceiling), work whenever/however I want, but I have the honor of helping women restore their confidence and find a reason to believe in their dreams again! 
HC: What advice would you give to current WPU students about getting an education in a particular field? 
KP: I encourage every undergraduate to be true to themselves! Don't look to others for approval! Second, be aware of the five people you hang around the most. Their influence determines your future, so surround yourself with people who are where you want to be. Third, don't second guess yourself. There is always room to grow and learn, but don't let someone else's opinion dictate your creativity. Finally, remember to celebrate your uniqueness! You are a success right where you are, and the best is yet to come!