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Kristen Megargee ’16

Name: Kristen  Megargee

Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ

Extra-curricular Activities: Student Ambassador, theatre, and yoga

Sign: Gemini

Relationship Status: Single

Fun Facts

Dream Job: Actress.

Dream Vacation: It happened last summer when I went to France!

Celeb Crush: Bo Burnham.

Perfect Date: Going into the city — there is so much to do there and it can be very romantic.

Turn-on: Being a gentleman.

Turn-off: Smelling bad.



Color: Purple.

Quote: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

Book: Water for Elephants.

Food: Sweet potato sushi.

Movie: Tangled.

Song: “Something Good Can Work” – Two Door Cinema Club

Dessert: Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!


Just for Fun

HC: What are your top five things on your bucket list?

KM: Live in France, help a future client with their speech/language, own a pet, get married, and learn to dance.

HC: If you can have dinner with three people, one dead, one alive and one fictional, who would they be?

KM: Julia Child, Zooey Deschanel, and Michael Scott from The Office.

HC: What’s the best class you’ve taken at WPUNJ?

KM: French Stylistics and Advanced Composition with Professor Mukherjee.

HC: Which superhero would you want to be?

KM: Wonder Woman. I know that is extremely cliché, but she is powerful and believes in equality!

Megan Galema is a senior at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. She is a double major in Print Journalism and Public Relations. She was appointed the development manager and managing editor of Her Campus WPUNJ, where she gets to work hands on with the new members of the chapter. Megan began as a contributing writer since it first launched in March 2013. She also works for Undergraduate Admissions at WPUNJ as the special tour coordinator and writes for The Pioneer Times. Megan is also a contributing writer for an online music magazine, EDGE, that highlights local bands, charity organizations and up and coming photographers.  
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