I Interviewed Guys at WPU About Tinder

The other night, I made a Google form with several questions about Tinder. I then sent it to several guys and let them fill it out. 

A sophomore here at WPU who is involved in Greek Life says he uses Tinder sometimes. When asked what makes him swipe right, he answered with, "Cute girls that live close by and go to school".

Other guys stated that they like clever captions, attractive pictures, pets in photos, nice eyes, and outgoing personalities.

Now, what makes them swipe left? "People who seem very political in their bio," a sophomore answered.

Other factors to swiping left were lack of pictures, unattractiveness, and unclear photos.

"What is your biggest physical turn on about a girl?" was questioned. "Her slim waist and nice butt," answered a guy in a fraternity. 

Nice eyes, smile, and breasts were also answers.

"What is your biggest personality turn on?" 

"Dark humor, sarcastic, and sassy," responded Michael, a sophomore.

"Someone who is open to talk about anything" was one of my favorite answers.

Someone with a similar music taste, great conversationalist, down to earth/open-minded/broad view on life and its purpose, and being able to take a joke were other responses.

So what are some turn offs these guys have? "Large egos," answered Jake*.

Being clingy, acting stupid to be funny, dry humor, racism, and entitlement were some of the many answers.

About half of the guys who participated in this survey are looking for something casual on Tinder, while only a small percentage are looking for a relationship. Others were looking for hookups, just getting matches, and random conversation.

When asked if they would swipe right on someone from WPU, 57.1% said yes, 35.7% said maybe, and 7.1% said no.

But, will they message first? The most popular answer was sometimes.

Lastly, have they ever met up with someone from Tinder? 42.9% said no while 57.1% said yes.

* Name changed or made up.