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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

Fall leaves, football, fan lead tailgating and….fashion?

Yup! It’s WP homecoming time and we are here to make sure you’re cheering on the home team in style!


1. BFF Slayage

Heading to homecoming with your BFF? Make sure to head to the game in style with your BFF by coordinating your outfits with similar colors and make sure to show off your individual styles with different bottoms and shoes!


2. You’ve got the Bessssst of Both Worlds *Hannah Montana voice*

Homecoming happens during one of the oddest times of fall. By that I mean it’s cold in the morning and by 12:00 you’re sweating bullets. Allow your outfit to have the best of both worlds with shorts and a light long sleeve.


3. DIY Diva

Show your pride with your own DIY creation! Tie dye socks are a sure way to catch eyes during homecoming! The options are endless! DIY skills not all that poppin’? It’s cool here’s a link to make your tie dying experience go smoothly. https://www.ilovetocreate.com/make-your-own-tie-dye-socks


4. Subtle School Spirit

Beauty and brains! Want to join in the festivities but don’t want to go over board? Wear a shirt that still shows off your school pride but still allows you to use your favorite colors or tones instead of restricting to just your school colors!


5. Nostalgic

Are you a veteran to the homecoming game? Bring out a #TBT homecoming t-shirt for a vintage pride look! Top it off with a classic pair of white Chucks!

No matter what your style is there’s something for everyone! Now get dressed, grab a beer some pompoms or a foam finger and go get this “W” on and off the field!