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How to start a Depop shop! From a Depop Seller!

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Hi everyone! Do you have a closet full of clothes you no longer wear? If you do, I definitely recommend downloading the Depop app, starting a shop, and selling your clothes there! You can sell anything on Depop but I personally sell wardrobe that I no longer wear or room decor I no longer use. The first time I sold an item was in August. Personally, I was very nervous to create a Depop shop because I figured that no one would buy anything from me. However, after doing extensive research I faced my fears and started posting! Now I am here to provide you with some tips and tricks so that you can open a shop too!

  • Step 1: Face your fears and download the app!

Before I created my Depop shop I was so nervous and thought no one would purchase my items. I then decided that I at least had to try and started listing! I know it may be scary doing something new, but I promise things get easier once you get comfortable and get started! 

  • Step 2: Verify your PayPal account!

When I first downloaded the app I had to create a PayPal account. Even after doing my research, I never heard about anyone saying I had to verify my PayPal in order to receive money from my Depop items that have been sold. Verifying your PayPal is extremely important! If you sell an item and ship it but didn’t verify your account beforehand, then PayPal refunds the money back to the customer who bought the item. Please make sure that your PayPal is verified so you don’t lose money and your item! (Video tutorials can be found on YouTube!!)

  • Step 3: Take good pictures!

Pictures of your items are extremely important on Depop!!! They’re the first thing that customers see. Use good lighting for a clear and clean photo. You can either model the item by taking pictures of yourself wearing it, or you can simply place the item on the floor. After doing research I have learned that you shouldn’t really post photos with items that are on hangers. (They don’t get chosen to be on the explore page!)

This is how I post photos of my listings: I place my item on top of an old poster. I make sure I have great lighting and snap the photo. I then upload the photos on an app called PhotoRoom which cuts your item and places it on top of a background. I choose a plain beige background but the app also provides backgrounds of other colors or fun patterns!

(Also make sure to provides close up photos if your item has any stains or damages)

  • Step 4: Give proper descriptions!

When you are going to post your item, descriptions are very important in that process.

  • You should inform the customer if there are any stains or damages in the item you are selling to avoid future problems.
  • I also recommend posting measurements in order to provide customers with proper information.
  • Hashtags are extremely important!
    • If you are selling clothing then I recommended listing hashtags of the brand, and anything that may be on trend that matches your item. For example if you have a pastel pink crop top from Pacsun you can list these hashtags: #pacsun #pastel #croptop
  • Step 5: Pricing and Shipping Costs!

Whether you’re shipping on your own or shipping with Depop you have to keep in mind your costs!

  • If you are shipping on your own, I recommend purchasing a digital shipping scale and polymailers. Pirateship is also a great place to get your shipping labels from because they provide you with the lowest prices!
  • If you are shipping with Depop, they provide you with shipping labels that you have to print out. However, you still ave to purchase shipping materials, such as polymailers.

Both Depop and PayPal take fees so make sure to list your prices accordingly!

  • Step 6: Reposting Items!

Make sure to repost your items! I recommend reposting your items at least twice a day! Reposting brings your items back to the top of the page so people can see it when they search words related to your tags.

Dayana is a sophmore at William Paterson University and is majoring in Accounting
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