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As Earth Day is approaching everyone should be searching for ways to better manage their waste production to help out the planet we live on.

Reducing the amount of plastic you use in a day is an obvious choice that many think of when trying to be less wasteful. One adjustment that is easy to do is to stop using plastic water bottles. Reusable water bottles have many benefits to them. Obviously they look cuter as they come in many different designs and colors but I find them to be easier to travel with. I worry less about these bottles leaking while in my bag and do not have to worry about confusing it with other peoples. People are more likely to remember to grab their bottle if it is a reusable one because you wouldn’t forget something that you payed more money for. Reusable food containers are a smart way to get rid of single use plastic bags. Plastic bags are truly a useless purchase if there are better options where you ultimately spend less money. As far as New Jersey goes, the state has banned the use of plastic bags at the store. This is something each state should enforce as purchasing reusable bags would make your shopping experience better. With reusable bags you no longer have to worry about the bags breaking, or things not being able to fit. Side note though, make sure you always keep them in your car somewhere because if you don’t you will most likely forget to bring them on your next grocery trip.

Recently I have seen these stores that are refill stores for house and self-care essentials. If you have access to one of these types of stores you should definitely be taking advantage of having them nearby. You just need to bring a glass container you want to fill up with you or you can use one of the ones they have there. You can fill it with a multitude of different things ranging from laundry detergent, dish soap, house cleaners, facial cleansers, body wash, and even some toners and moisturizers. Buying from these types of stores will reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste you produce out into the world by buying the average store containers.

Even reducing the amount of clothes you purchase can help out the environment. Buying secondhand items is a method of reusing which is essential in taking on a sustainable lifestyle. As I’m sure most people are aware, the making of clothes produces many different types of greenhouses gases and pollutants into our air. Those substances affect the environment by making the air more toxic and affecting the lives of many plants in our society. Those side effects are not worth the new shirt you want to buy that will only be in season for a couple of months. Instead of buying clothes left and right, remember to try to buy second-hand if you are in need of an essential for your closet. However, it is okay to spoil yourself every once in a while on something material that you really want, but make sure to not overbuy new clothes as you know the effects.

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