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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

As women, we face a lot of backlash and criticism from society no matter what we do. Let’s be honest here it can be a bit frustrating to hear the negatives about yourself all the time. March is Women’s History Month and in celebration of women, here are some ways to empower the women around you or even yourself! 

1) Hold Accountability 

Now this one may be a bit of a stopper. How is holding someone accountable empowering? Being able to correct other women on their mistakes opens up a doorway to improvement in their character. We help each other to be more educated and more responsible towards how we carry ourselves. Gotta look out for each other! 


2) Encouraging Affirmations 

Sometimes small reminders like, “You’ve worked hard”,” Good job” ”I’m proud of you” etc. can go a long way in bringing up someone’s mood. Next time you catch up with a friend, family or co-workers, compliment them. Say something nice to bring their spirits up. 


3)  Speak Up, Let Your Voice Be Heard 

Many women face so much trauma from past experiences or have faced uncomfortable situations where they cannot fight for themselves. Often time, we cave in those feelings which end up affecting our mental health. Women are sometimes too afraid to speak up because there is no one to encourage them. There is no one to tell them, that everything will be okay. Supporting other women into sharing their stories and being by their side is extremely empowering because overtime they gain the strength they thought they had lost.  


4) Have A Self-Care Day!

Taking care of ourselves and our mental health is essential for a healthy, happy soul. Going out with your girlfriends to get your hair done, nails, spa or even at-home makeover can make you feel beautiful. Find ways to make each other feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. 


Make sure you inspire all the people around you and yourself this month, of course. Remember what your value is and how strong you are. Happy Women’s History Month!

Hey there! I'm a sophomore at WPUNJ, studying as a marketing major and a minor in PR. Some of my hobbies are taking pictures of sceneries, listening to music and finding ways to grow. Oh and I love matcha! :)
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