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Heather Cook ’16 Actress In Waiting

Heather Cook ’17 : Actress In Waiting

Name: Heather Cook

Hometown: Woodstown, NJ

Major: Communications, Media Production

 Minor: Public Relations

Year: Senior

Involvement: Member of WPTV, Brave New Radio, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, and Treasurer of Student Film Association. Resident Assistant, Receptionist for Hospitality Services, and Digital Intern for the Career Development Center.

 Fun Fact: My suitemate (Alessandra) and I recently walked around campus in Santa suits, handing out miscellaneous gifts to friends and strangers.  

Favorite Quote: “You guys, the bathroom here is nuts.” Dave from Hot Rod


Heather Cook is someone you can’t miss on campus, a ball of sunshine, a breath air, a friend to anyone in need. She’s an RA, works at the help desk and also is a new member of the school’s radio team. What is it that she can’t do? There is no limit to this sparking ray of light.


HC:  What made you choose Willy P four years ago?
My favorite flowers are daffodils, so when I came on my first campus tour in the spring four years ago, I felt like all the daffodils on campus were a sign from God that I should come here! Also, as a media production major, I loved the access to the professional studio and editing labs in Hobart Hall. I think the equipment and training in Hobart Hall is one of the greatest things this school has to offer to their students.
HC:What do you think is the greatest lesson you’ve learned while at school here? 
The greatest lesson I have learned here at WP is to truly appreciate the little things. At the end of my four years here, I’m not going to look back on all the homework and stress. I’m going to look back on the times we went sledding down the Overlook South hill, had an all-nighter at the radio station, and went mattress surfing in Hillside Hall. These are the memories that matter. These are the memories that have helped me discover who I am.
HC: What’s your favorite thing about working on the radio team?
My favorite part about being a part of the radio station and WPTV is that it feels like a family. I always look forward to working with the incredible teams for these clubs, because the members have become some of my closest friends. I came into this school with uncertainty about where my path will lead, but WPTV taught me how much I enjoy being a part of a crew that brings collaborative art to life, and now I hope to work in the TV industry one day. Now, I will be interning for Discovery Communications in the spring, thanks to the experience I gained from WPTV. 

HC: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

4) I have no idea where the next ten years of my life will take me. However, I can say this: I am not as concerned about what I will do as I am concerned with who I will become. For me, it is not about what I will do, but the person I will be while I do it. Whether I am working in the TV industry or on a completely different path, I hope I can continue to be someone that has a strong love for Jesus, compassionate heart for people, and rad taste in music. 



Ana Valentin is a freshman at William Paterson with a wrong major in Environmental Science but will be transferring in the spring to Elementary Special Education and English Creative Writing, She has a burning love for all things glitter, beautiful, and fashionable. You'll probably find her in the student cafe sucking down a machiatto. If you do, feel free to say hello. She likes those too.
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