HC WPUNJ Survives Finals the HC Way

Hi, collegiettes! We just received our extremely generous Finals Survival Kits courtesy of Her Campus Nationals and their sponsors.  We got a box full of goodies from Chipotle, popchips, and LUNA.  These healthy snacks are sure to help us power through our late night study sessions! 

Here is what we received in our lovely package:

  • First, we received Chiptole Buy One Get One Cards in case we want to take a super long study break and venture off to Chipotle.  Let's face it, we are IN LOVE with Chipotle so this definitely helps get us through this exhausting week! 
  • Second, we got tons of original potato popchips. This quick, healthy but delicious option can help us power through our 10-page papers! 
  • Third, we received assorted LUNA bars including chocolate peppermint, s'mores, and white chocolate macadamia.  A little variety to get us excited for the next! So yummy! 

We are so grateful for Her Campus Nationals and the sponsors for always taking care of us with these amazing care packages during eventful times in our college careers.  Thanks for the sweet treats and hookups; they're much appreciated! 

Good luck on your final exams, papers, and projects, collegiettes!