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Go Christmas Shopping Now or Regret it Later!

  1. What to get for your mom!  

Getting a Christmas present for my mom is a bit hard because she always knows what to buy me. But what would she like? A few ideas include: 

  • Candles. What is so special about candles is how they can fill the room with the most amazing aromas, and moms are slightly obsessed with them because of that.  
  • A necklace! Imagine getting a necklace with your name or a loved one’s name on it, your mom would absolutely treasure it.  
  • CDs from her favorite bands or artists. While cleaning, most moms blast their music and just vibe!  
  • Purse, crossbody or handbag. An essential item for a mom, they need a place to put their wallets, makeup, etc. 
  • Clothes from her favorite brand. Whether it is a jean jacket or a nice pair of pants, moms and clothes can never go wrong.  
  1. What to get for your dad! 

Besides giving him a beer or a sports game to watch, dads are a little easier to please with gifts. Some ideas include: 

  • New watch. There is a slightly weird obsession with dads or teens with watches, like how moms love candles.  
  • Tools. Possibly the number one essential item for a dad as they are always repairing something and a little on the go tool kit can be a great gift.  
  • Their favorite cologne. To not only impress your mom, but to maybe impress their boss. You can get your dad his favorite cologne that he would probably finish in under a year.  
  • Speaker. Sometimes, dad also love to blast their music when working on their car or exercising. 
  • Clothes from their favorite sports team, artists, etc. Pretty self-explanatory as dads love to rep their favorite sports team, or if they go to a concert, they wear the artist they love! 
  1. What to get for a sibling! 

Our siblings are some of the closest people that are in our lives, maybe by force, but obviously we know each other even more than our parents do! For your older or younger siblings, this is what you might be able to get them:  

  • Stuffed animals or if they’re in your store, squish mallows. Although it may seem a bit childish, stuffed animals will always be another pillow for your sibling. If you catch them sleeping one day, they might be hugging their new stuffed animal! 
  • Favorite video game! Video games are being released every month or so and could be a great Christmas present! Especially with Black Friday around the corner! 
  • Drawstring bag or stylish backpack! Just like moms, sometimes we need to carry water, food, or books and a bag can be very helpful with school or just going out in general! 
  • Merch from their favorite show, artist, or youtuber! Being able to wear a shirt or sweater from someone you love watching is one of the best feelings!  
  • Gift cards! When you get lost on what to buy your siblings, gift cards from their favorite store, game, etc. never fail as they can choose what to buy themselves! 
  1. What to get for a best friend! 

If you don’t know what your friend’s favorite artist or television show is, here are some ideas on what to get for them! 

  • A gift basket with some of their favorite candies, fuzzy socks, a blanket, and so much more! 
  • Makeup such as nail polish, eyeshadow pallets, etc! 
  • Funko Pops. These collectibles are getting huge and the more they make, the more television shows and movies collaborate with them. 
  • Matching bracelets or necklaces. I have a couple of matching bracelets with my brother and my best friend and they mean everything to me! 
  • Blankets! This may be a personal gift for me, but I love when friends or families gift blankets, especially if they are soft and comfortable.  

These are a couple of ideas on what to get for your loved ones but, in the end, you know them best! As long as you don’t save the shopping until Christmas Eve, then everything should be good! With Black Friday around the corner, take advantage of all the deals and specials. In the meantime, stuff your face with turkey and start getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year! Enjoy and happy holidays!  

hii! My name is Camila and I love to play sports, watch Disney and Marvel Movies, and listen to music! Dogs and dolphins are my favorite animals.
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