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Fall Dates You Can Easily Force Your Boyfriend To Go On

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

Cuddle season is upon us! 

That’s right, it’s finally fall, every girls favorite season. Not just for the fashion, and the lattes, and the halloween parties, but for all the cute pictures they have planned in their heads for their boyfriends. They may act like they’re not into it, but we know they secretly love it. I mean, what makes them happier than making their girlfriend happy, am I right? For those of you who want all the cute dates and pictures but don’t know where to start, here’s a list of 25 date ideas you can “easily” get your boyfriend to go on with you this season.

1. Drive-In Movie: Go to your local drive-in and turn your car into the ultimate fort. If you have a truck fill the bed with an air mattress, blankets, and pillows. If you have an SUV lift the hatch and set up blankets, pillows and string lights inside.

2. Pumpkin Picking/Decorating: Go out to a pumpkin patch and pick some pumpkins to carve or decorate! Usually you’ll get a mini hay ride to the patch and be able to buy some goodies afterwards. If you pick smaller pumpkins, paint them! If you pick bigger pumpkins, carve them and use the insides to make all your favorite pumpkin treats.

3. Apple Picking/Sangria/Pie making: Just like pumpkin picking, you can go apple picking and get a little hayride adventure out of it. The best part about apple picking is that you leave with an entire bag full! Make a day out of it, climbing to the tops of the trees to get the best apples. Do a little research before you go and see what type of apple you need to make the best pie or sangria. When you get home, finish the night with whichever one you prefer, or even both!

4. Old Goosebumps Movie Night: Everyone has read the Goosebumps series and remembers all the movies. Be a little nostalgic and have a Goosebumps movie marathon.

5. Corn Maze: Getting lost with your hubby can be really romantic. Adventure through the maze and maybe even make your own path through the field. You could even turn this into one of the best games of hide and seek, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love playing around and laughing with their boyfriend?

6. Haunted House: Depending on where you’re at in your relationship determines what type of haunted house you should go to. If it’s just starting and nothing official yet, go somewhere that’s more fun and less scary. If you’re really serious with each other, where him seeing you pee your pants will make him laugh rather than run, go to the scariest place you can find. Honestly, he’ll probably end up being more scared than you.

7. Make caramel apples: If you didn’t use all of your apples for pie or sangria, make some caramel apples from them! If you’re going to use whole apples decorate them in cute ways! If whole apples are too difficult to bite into you can cut them into slices and throw some toppings on them (this one gives you a better caramel-to-apple ratio).

8. Rake the leaves and have a fall photoshoot: This is definitely one that he’s going to give you a hard time about, until he sees how the pictures turn out. This ones for the more serious and goofy couples, because you really need to be comfortable and able to have fun with it. The pictures will turn out adorable because your smiles will be genuine. 

9. Picnic in the park: Now that the weather is cooling down it’s the perfect time to have a picnic in the park. Pack up a basket with some homemade lunches and spend a day laying in the park.

10. Go Horseback riding: Look up ranches in your area to see what types of tours they offer and try to get one for just the two of you. With the leaves changing, the view through the trail will be beautiful.

11. Go on a hot air balloon ride: This is a little pricier but will be one of your favorite memories if you’re willing to splurge for it. Imagine how beautiful the trees will look from up above.

12. Go stargazing: Pack up some pillows and blankets and head outside after the sun goes down. Make sure you find a place away from the city and neighborhoods so there’s no light interrupting your view.

13. Fright Fest at Six Flags: Amusement parks are fun any time of the year, but around Halloween it’s even better. Fright Fest at Six Flags isn’t around long so make sure you make it a point to get to this one early.

14. Outdoor rollerblading/ice skating: Depending on when you get around to this one you can either rollerblade or ice skate, either one will be just as romantic. A lot of parks have skating rinks somewhere in them and there’s usually a discount for students or with a AAA card.

15. Beach Bonfire: As the weather changes less and less people visit the beach. Look into getting a permit to have a bonfire on the beach and you may even be able to drive your car on too. You could combine date ideas and stargaze while making s’mores and drinking your apple sangria.

16. Tour a brewery: A lot of brewery offer free tours around their facility, and you’ll often get to try out a few for free. Make a map of your area and hit a few different ones on your own mini brewery tour.

17. Go on a ghost hunt: Look up ghost stories online and go find out if they’re real! The best way to tell a ghost stories is after you’ve experienced it for yourself. Make sure you don’t go out until the middle of the night to get the most out of it. And don’t be scared, your boyfriend will protect you.

18. Bike ride through central park: Central park is beautiful any time of year, but especially when the leaves are falling. Ride a bike around the park so you can see everything it has to offer, and take a pit stop to take a boat ride in the pond.

19. Haunted Pub Crawl: A few weeks before Halloween cities plan Haunted Pub Crawls or Zombie Walks. Calendars can be found online and it’s a great date or group activity. Be sure to dress up! Or better yet, pick out each others outfits and don’t tell each other until right before the event.

20. Go wine tasting: Find out just what you guys like and take a bottle home to have with a candlelight dinner.

21. Okto “beer” fest: I’m sure you’ve heard of Oktoberfest but you probably didn’t realize how popular they are. Throughout all of October there are tons of festivals all around the area, and most of them are free to get into. Depending on how much you want to drink this could be a pretty cheap date option.

22. Go to an outdoor sporting event: We say we’re going to watch the game, but we’re really going for the tailgate.

23. Hiking and Geocaching: Geocaching is growing and gaining popularity around the entire world. If you want to do something unique and surprising, go out and see what you can find! Wear comfortable shoes and clothes though, you never know where you’re going to end up.

24. Watch scary movies outside in the dark: Scary movies inside are one thing, but watching outside takes it to a whole new level. If you think you’ll be too scared just watch in your backyard, but if you really want something exciting take your laptop and your security blanket, aka your boyfriend, and wander out to a park that’s open late or a haunted place close to home.

25. Kayak at a lake and watch the leaves fall: Kayaking when it’s cool out can be so peaceful and relaxing, and the leaves falling into the water just makes it that much better.

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