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7 Types Of Instagramers/Posts

*Disclaimer* I do not own copyright to any of these pictures. None of these are meant to offend anyone. We all have done some of these.

There are SO many types of Instagrammers, but here are a few things you will always see on your feed….

1. The “laughing” picture

We’ve all done it before…

2. The guy who just posts pictures of trucks

It seems like he’s bored.

3. The annoying couple

We get it. You’re dating. You’re in love.

4. The perfect couple

But are they really that perfect?


5. The mom that posts pictures of her animals

Please don’t stop doing this. I can’t get enough.

6. The sorority girl

At least they always look cute.

7. The Snapchat filter selfie

Might as well give your Snapchat username.

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