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7 Signs You Go to William Paterson

William Paterson is a community with a little over 11,000 students. It’s easy to see familiar faces, build friendships, and get involved. Being a part of this community means that students, faculty and staff are a part of the Pioneer culture.

Here are seven signs that you go to William Paterson:

1.“The Parking Games”

Where The Hunger Games meets our commuter parking lots. Whether it is waiting for a spot for 20 minutes, being late for class or deciding not to go in all because parking was impossible, we have all been there. 

2. Common Hour Freebies

We get it, college students are broke. So we do what we can to save, and that includes waiting on line for free food every Tuesday and Thursday.

3. Pioneer Express

Splurge wisely, folks! During the mid-semester, funds are running low in Pioneer Express with a month left in the semester. No worries; you’re not the only one. Next semester you’ll be rich again. We’ve been there, done that.

4. Visiting Javier

Residents can relate. When you’re hungry and it’s late and you don’t want to wait, the go-to spot for late night food is The W. It doesn’t hurt to see Javier’s friendly face!

5. Facebook Fanning

When there’s an issue, who is the fastest person to reach? The go-to social media persona, Brian Fanning! Whenever you need help, all you have to do is tag him in your Facebook post.

6. Geese are Friends

Let’s face it, they may poop everywhere but the geese are students too. They spend enough time walking with us to class, that is.

7. Bear Alert

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a bear at William Paterson! No, I’m not talking about our mascot, Billy the Bear. I’m talking about those text messages and emails you get when someone reports a bear on campus.

Welcome to William Paterson, folks!

Megan Galema is a senior at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ. She is a double major in Print Journalism and Public Relations. She was appointed the development manager and managing editor of Her Campus WPUNJ, where she gets to work hands on with the new members of the chapter. Megan began as a contributing writer since it first launched in March 2013. She also works for Undergraduate Admissions at WPUNJ as the special tour coordinator and writes for The Pioneer Times. Megan is also a contributing writer for an online music magazine, EDGE, that highlights local bands, charity organizations and up and coming photographers.  
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