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7 Fall Makeup Items That Will Come CLUTCH

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.



Just like clothes and shoes, with the change of weather comes the change of makeup! It’s time to go from bright pinks and soft looks to dark purples, browns and bold looks. Here are my top seven must have’s for fall:

1. Brown lipstick

Fall is the season of the warm browns, bright oranges, flashy reds and deep greens. Nothing says fall better than the perfect matte brown lipstick.



Suggestion: Bite Beauty makes my go-to lipstick for the fall. Their multi stick in the color Honey Wheat, which has an awesome warm brown hue to match its name, is the perfect light brown to make your lips pop without being too drastic.

2. Blackberry lipstick

For those who were so down with the lilac lippie for the summer, you’ll love the blackberry lip color for the fall. It’s a deeper, purple-ish color that is just as flattering but more in tune with the season.



Suggestion: My favorite drugstore blackberry lipstick is the Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in the color Pretty in Plum. It’s a creamy formula that feels very high-end to be a drugstore lipstick. As always with Maybelline, the color is really pigmented and good quality for the price.


3. Colorful eyeliner

It’s time for big, bright, bold colors to contrast those deep, rich, neutral colors. The perfect balance: colorful eyeliner. That’s the perfect opportunity to play with colors you didn’t know if you could slay or not.



Suggestion: Urban Decay’s Glide On Eye Pencil comes in 38 colors ranging from tropical to electric for your pleasure. You can go from Freak, which is an electric green, to Cuff, a bright silver color. The pencils are made with a creamy formula for easy application and rumored to actually last 24 hours.


4. Tinted lip gloss

With the leaves changing to beautiful colors and falling off the trees also comes the cold air and windy days and everyone knows dry lips and cold, windy air are never a good mix. Lipsticks for some are a no-go during the colder seasons, so the perfect balance between chapstick and lipstick is the perfect tinted lip gloss.



Suggestion: My favorite inexpensive tinted gloss is the NYX Butter Gloss in the color Ginger Snap. The consistency of their products is amazing, but be warned, when they say GLOSS they mean it! Their glosses have a tendency to be super-shiny and max glossy, so if that’s not your style, I’d look for a less glossy one.


5. Smokey eyeshadow

Fall nightlife is the perfect excuse to rock an amazing smokey-eye look. Instead of gravitating towards the usual blacks and greys, dare to be different and do an emerald green or even go for a khaki color.



Suggestion: Urban Decay’s Vice XX LTD Reloaded palette has the perfect assortment of nudes, greens and blues to create a fall-favored smokey-eye look. This palette actually includes some throwback colors for UD, like gash and acid rain, while throwing in some must-haves from there newest collection.


6. Nude nail polish

‘TIS THE SEASON TO BE NUDE! Fall is perfect for nude nails because this when you use the bright, rich colors for your outfits and makeup. Find the perfect shade to go with your skin tone and be the chicest girl on the block..err well, campus.



Suggestion: Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri collection carries a wide variety of nude tones. Their website even allows you to shop by color. My go-to nude color is #114 Nude-Tral.

7. Natural brow pencil

Fall is the time for natural brows. They’re always ahhh-mazing, but for those of us who would die a million deaths without filling in our brows, natural brow pencils are the way to go. The light hair-like strokes make for bold, attention-grabbing brows, without looking like you’ve put way too much effort in.



Suggestion: Of course the eyebrow pencil that has my heart is the NYX Eye Brow Push-Up Bra because drugstore is liiife. It only comes in one color, so it’s a one-stop-shop.

I'm a Communications major at William Paterson University. This is my first semester here as a freshman and I'm new to writing for Her Campus.
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