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7 Blogs to Follow Written by Her Campus WPUNJ Members

Our Her Campus WPUNJ team members aren’t just fabulous writers for our magazine but for their own blogs too! These six girls and myself have gone the extra mile to create personal blogs on a bunch of different topics. Each member has a different passion and different experiences to share that are worthwhile for our readers. If you attend WPUNJ and are interested in career, health and fitness, beauty, style, food, travel, or fashion, these blogs will certainly be of interest to you. Check out what our members’ blogs are all about and go to their sites for the latest posts!


1. The Collegiate Scene – written by Jenna Kapsis (yes, that’s me!), President and Co-founder of Her Campus WPUNJ.  I have had many experiences due to all of the time and effort I have invested with Her Campus WPUNJ and other internships.  I have had some amazing opportunities and have learned a lot of useful advice that college students can benefit from. If you are interested in learning more about how to advance your career and learn professional tips at the college level, check out my posts! 


2. Creatively Victoria – written by Victoria Olmo, Staff Writer and Social Media Assistant.  Victoria’s blog is basically a beautiful full-blown website.  If you are into beauty and fashion, this blog is for you. Victoria updates her blog almost daily with fresh new DIYs, little finds, inspiration, product reviews, life adventures, and beauty and lifestyle tips.  Her blog has been around since 2012 so it is definitely a hit!


3. Champagne Taste, College Budget – written by Emily Runzer, Staff Writer and Social Media Asssitant.  Emily considers herself a ‘foodie’ and loves to explore off-campus dining options. She visits various restaurants surrounding WPUNJ and reviews them. She also includes some fabulous photos of her (and her guests’) meals! If you are interested in reading her recommendations or want to learn about her personal recipes (all affordable on a college budget), give it a look!


4. Fun Ways to Fitness – written by Kailee Gori, Staff Writer and Social Media Assistant.  Kailee never used to be into health and fitness and still does not follow traditional or conventional ways to work out and stay healthy.  However, now she is committed to a healthy lifestlye and provides readers with original diet and exercise tips that have worked for her.  Her goal is to inspire others to make a positive lifestyle change like she did in her freshmen year. If you want to make healthier decisions, check out her ‘fun ways to fitness’.


5. The Beautender – written by Jade Brito, Social Media Assistant. The Beautender is a creative spinoff of ‘bartender,’ serving beauty tips instead of drinks. We love it! Jade shares her beauty tips such as nail and makeup advice. She also writes about the latest trends and DIYs. Take a look at this beautiful blog for beauty inspiration from the original beautender!


6. The College Vagabond – written by Megan Galema, Staff Writer, Assistant Editor, and Development Manager.  Yes, Megan holds all those titles and still makes time for blogging! Travelling is her favorite thing to do when she is not super busy. She wants to see the world — or as she says, “Explore. Experience. Enjoy.”  Megan will provide travel tips and reveal cheap vacation spots and deals. If you love to travel or are interested in reading about her amazing personal travel experiences, this blog is for you.


7. Figuring Out My Ever After – written by Ana Valentin, Staff Writer.  Ana writes more personal blogs about her life and love but also features her favorite fashions and trends. If you want to get to know one of our more frequent staff writers better, this would be a great way to do so!  Let Ana’s blog serve as inspiration for you to create your own personal blog about your favorite thing or your life experiences!

There you have it — 7 amazing blogs written by enthusiastic, driven, and intelligent young women. I hope you enjoy their blogs and continue to check them out for future posts.

Happy blogging!


Jenna is the Co-Founder, President and Social Media & Events Director of the WPUNJ branch of Her Campus.  She is a senior Marketing major with a minor in Public Relations.  In the fall 2014 semester, she interned with In Touch, Life & Style and Closer Weekly at Bauer Publishing in the public relations department.  In the spring 2015 semester, she is interning with Jaguar Land Rover North America in the network development department.  She is the Student Representative for the PR & Marketing Committee of WPUNJ, a MTV Trendspotter for MTV Insights and blogger of collegiate advice.  She is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and Lambda Pi Eta honor societies, and will graduate Magna Cum Laude.  Previously, Jenna worked as a Student Ambassador and Tour Coordinator in the Admissions Office at WPUNJ, was a member of the Student Public Relations Association (SPRA) and was a publicity intern for Kim "Kim D" DePaola, owner of POSCHE Boutique in Wayne, NJ, who is featured on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Jenna's interests include dancing, shopping and hanging out with friends.  She loves everything pink and Britney Spears!  
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