5 Things To Get You Organized This Semester

Getting back into the swing of classes can be hard, and it's even harder to get school organized again. Here's some tip on how...

1. Get an Agenda

This is something we are told from the moment we walk in our first day of college, and truthfully the best advice I've ever been given. I suggest getting an app,agenda, calender on your laptop, anything to help you write everything down!

2.  Color Code

I have my agenda color coded, and my folders/notebooks the same colors.(Yes, I really do) This helps to remember the colors as the classes instead of trying to figure it out when you just wake up

3. Plan your Outfits out the night before

Yes, I mean this. It saves you time in the morning and then you aren't tearing your closet apart trying to find one shirt before class. It keep your room clean and orgnized.

4. Keep an organized work station

Staying organized while doing homework, or studying helps you to stay focused and not feel clutter. So wherever you go keep it neat and clean.

5. It's okay to feel unorganized!

This is the biggest piece of advice I can give! Sometimes you gotta feel messy and all over the place in order to get back on track and have a clear, focused, head. 

So, it's okay you don't always have to be Monica you can be Rachel, but shoot to be a Monica! And good luck to this semester!