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5 Things to be Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for what you have, but you should always be grateful for your blessings, not just on the day you are able to stuff your face with delicious turkey, stuffing and pie. Below are five things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, so be ready to hug some family members and friends after!


1.       Family

Family is the most important structure of support one could have. Not only are they related by blood but also by a bond of loyalty and love.  Although you may fight with family constantly, they will always be there for you in the tough times. This year, I am more grateful than ever for my family because they are the ones who give me the most support and push me to become a better person day after day. I am grateful for my mother who sacrificed everything to give me a wonderful life she never could’ve imagined for herself. This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to thank your family for their endless support of your dreams and love!


2.       Friends



Friends are a second family that chose to be by your side. I am grateful for the amazing friends I have made throughout my college experience because although they did not meet me before I had big goals and aspirations, they gave me their support from the very beginning. Friendship is an important bond that lasts beyond just Instagram selfies and parties. Having supportive friends through the toughest of times is one of the many reasons you should never take your closest friends for granted. Thank those friends that have been a shoulder to cry on through break ups and failures but also accomplishments and milestones. Every friend you made was placed in your life for a reason!


3.       Freedom

[CREDIT: Karlee Kozik]

Although last week I believed our freedom was at stake because of our presidential election, I now believe that we should be even more grateful for our freedoms. Although millions of people across the nation are afraid for their futures, they should always remember the freedom the Constitution has given them. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom to love who you love. These are all a part of what has always made America great, and we should never let anyone believe we don’t deserve the freedoms the Constitution gave us. Wake up everyday grateful to live in this great country that has given millions of people opportunities to dream big and accomplish those very dreams. Never forget to fight for what you believe in because this country would not be as great without those who fought for our civil rights, voting rights, female rights and gay rights.


4.     Education


Education has always been something you should never take for granted. Learning about the world and finding your passion in life is the reason getting an education can help complete your life. Education does not necessarily mean going to going to an Ivy League university or reading every literature book available. It means being able to open up your mind to different people, careers and dreams. This Thanksgiving, give thanks to those who have supported your education and continue to support all of your dreams no matter what. William Paterson University has opened its resources and support to me from the very beginning of my time at the University, and for that I am grateful.

5.    Life

[CREDIT: Karlee Kozik]

I am grateful for waking up every morning and being able to enjoy the beautiful moments in life. I make sure to live life to the fullest because as many say, you should live life as if it’s your last. Friends, family, freedom, and education are the most essential things to a fulfilling life. I am thankful to have them in my life, and I will not forget to remind myself of these blessings before and after Thanksgiving!


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