5 Shoes Trends For Less

As the weather gets warmer the sandals and flip flops come out. Fashion week and beauty blogs are setting the shoe trends for this season. As a college girl I want to look designer but not pay designer prices. This week we’re going to play a little game and I will give you two choices and you’ll have to guess which is the high end shoe and which one is the budget shoe. The answers will be at the end so no cheating. Good Luck!

5 Shoes Trends For Less


1.Birkenstock Sandals

2. Casual Booties

3. Lace-Ups

4. Chunky Heels

5. Gladiator Sandals

Were you able to tell the high end from the budget? The point is if you like a certain type of shoe and don't have the money for the runway fashions, you can always find a college budget friendly alternative.Share this article with a friend and see who's better at spotting the difference!


1. On the left HIGH END: Birkenstock Arizona Birko-Flor $99.95; On the right BUDGET: American Eagle Womens Robyn Flat Slipe $19.99

2. On the left HIGH END: Steve Madden Ohio Womens Zip Boot $59.99; On the right BUDGET: Qupid pointed Toe Angled Fringe Booties $24.99

3. On the left BUDGET: Quipid Lace-up Laser Cut Dress Sandals $25.80; On the right HIGH END: Topshop US Ravish Laser Cut Sandal $90.00

4. On the left BUDGET: Low Caged Laser Cut Lace-up Heels $32.79; On the right HIGH END: Azalea Larli Lace-up Heel $161.00

5. On the left HIGH END: Jeffrey Campbell Lima Gladiator Sandal $65.00; On the right BUDGET: Brash Womens Mystique Gladiator Sandal $24.99