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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WPUNJ chapter.

We are now in post-election mode. The president-elect has been decided, and what better way to comfort yourself than with FOOD? Here are 5 meals that will bring you comfort during your post-election blues.

  1. Fried Chicken

Nothing is more comforting than pulling perfectly crisped skin off of a fresh-out-of-the-frier piece of chicken. (Especially when it’s paired with ranch dressing [don’t knock it ‘til you try it] or hot sauce).

    2.  Ziti

Personally, ziti is like a slice of heaven to me. It reminds me of Sunday dinner at grandma’s house, and after this election, I could use a grandma’s kind of comfort.

     3. Macaroni and Cheese

There’s something about melted cheese that hums like harp strings through the soul. Imagine enjoying a nice, big bowl of mac n’ cheese while watching the voting results. That definitely would’ve made my night a lot better.

     4. Fried Fish

Being a Southern girl at heart, fried fish is as important to my diet as chicken. Catfish, Tilapia, Cod, Trout… the list goes on! It’s like a piece of Southern comfort without the headache in the morning.

     5. Mashed Potatoes

Does this even need a description?! It’s MASHED POTATOES. Creamy, salty, buttery goodness for all to enjoy. They go great with almost any meal and can easily be eaten as a late night snack (especially at 3 a.m., just saying).


For those 21 and older:

Nothing cures the blues better than a little liquid love. Here are some suggestions on how to flavor your food up using alcohol.

  1. “Red Meats such as grilled steaks and smoked foods pair best with dark spirits like rum and whiskey.”

  2. “Spicy, blackened and Cajun red meats or fish work well with pale ales, IPA’s or a Syrah red wine.”

  3. “Grilled chicken, salmon, shellfish or anything traditionally made in a cream sauce tastes good with vodka, gin, tequila or sake…”

  4. “White or light fish, cheese plates and fruits are best paired with lagers or sauvignon blanc white wine as well as light colors spirits.”

*These tips are courtesy of deepsouthbarrels.com*

I'm a Communications major at William Paterson University. This is my first semester here as a freshman and I'm new to writing for Her Campus.
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