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5 DIY Projects to Try Over Spring Break

For those of us not going to Puerto Rico, Miami or the Dominican Republic for our Spring Break, I thought of some fun things for us to try. DIY projects are the countries latest trend in homemaking and design and have swept people off of their feet. From practical everyday things to fun activities to do with kids, DIY project ideas are a Google search away. For those who are looking for some quick ideas, here are 5 DIY projects to do over Spring Break that will leave you feeling accomplished. 

  • iPad Stand

This may sound crazy, but with a cutting board and a Scrabble letter holder, you can create your own iPad stand. This will be perfect for trying to recreate makeup looks from Youtube, following a recipe you found on Facebook or video chatting while you’re stationary and your hands are occupied.

  • Wire Rings

Using some jewelry wire (that’s been covered in clear nail polish so it doesn’t mess up your finger) you could make all types of different rings that fit your personality. If you’d like you can add jewels and stones to them to make them even prettier.

  • Face Masks

Who doesn’t love a good face mask? With all these hacks and DIYs being posted across social media using everyday foods, why not try one. Make sure you look into ingredients that work on your skin type (i.e. oily, sensitive, etc.) and do a test patch before covering your whole face. But other than that, get that glowing skin, girl!

  • Makeup Brush Holders

There are endless options for this. You could repurpose old pipes, use coffee containers, water bottles…anything you want! A little spray paint and some hot glue can take you a long way.

  • Headboard

This may sound crazy, but a fun and pretty satisfying DIY project is building your own headboard. It’s not as hard as it sounds and does require time, but what else do you have on Spring Break besides time? Materials can range from cloth and fabrics to woods and metals. It all depends on your style and your room aesthetic.

I'm a Communications major at William Paterson University. This is my first semester here as a freshman and I'm new to writing for Her Campus.
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